Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide our swimmers with a positive and safe learning experience.

Our Contract to you:

1. We will teach in a non discriminatory way, offering equality for all.

2. We will teach in a professional and positive manner encouraging the strengths of individuals.

3. We will teach according to the ASA & STA guidelines, encouraging correct technique, water safety and confidence in the water.

4. We will maintain a safe and healthy learning environment.

5. We will respect the needs and rights of all individuals.

6. We will be available and willing to answer any queries and questions you may have, and to provide feedback on the progress of all our swimmers.

In return we ask that you:

1. Inform us of any special needs or requirements you may have.

2. Treat everyone at the swim school with courtesy and respect.

3. Help us to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment by following the swimming pool rules.

4. Inform us of any worries or concerns you may have regarding teaching practise.

Swim School Progression

TINY STARS – Newborn to 3 months.

These classes introduce you and your baby to water in a relaxed manner. Gentle activities and songs encourage baby to enjoy the freedom and buoyancy of the water and prepare them for the next module.

LITTLE STARS – 3 months to 15/18 months.

Little stars are starting to take a lot more notice of their surroundings and like to be on their fronts more. Their backs are stronger and they have greater head control, so more splashy actions to the songs and games are introduced along with movement through the water to encourage leg and arm movement. Toys are also introduced to encourage hand-eye coordination and through word association self rescue skills are also introduced.

TWINKLING STARS - 15/18 months to 2½/3 years.

Twinkling Stars are now ready to be introduced to independent movement through the water. This is done by simple skills that are progressive and build slowly towards full stroke work. Each child is unique and is taught sensitively to their own ability and understanding. We still carry on with all the fun from the previous modules too, as having fun is the way that children learn best.

SHINING STARS - 2½/3 years to 4/5 years.

Shining Stars are now introduced to full stroke work with half the lesson dedicated to this, streamlining and stamina, along with other water skills are also introduced. We then finish with the rest of the lesson based around fun, songs and games, whilst incorporating what we have learnt in the first half.

AQUASTARS SWIM ACADEMY – 4/5 years and upwards. (Not at Nuffield)

The children in these classes are now ready to learn in an instructor only lead class. The lessons follow the same ethos as the other pre-school lessons by making the lesson fun. Strokes are taught along with water skills, diving, floating, life saving and rescue skills. We also cater for adult lessons and speed swimmers who want to improve their stroke technique.