Questions & Answers

Max and Dad Swimming

Health Professionals and the NHS are happy for babies to go swimming at any time. (

Water Temperature
The water temperature is the key issue with newborn/young babies, 30°c being the optimum temperature.

Diving Reflex
Water in the upper airway of newborns and infants triggers a natural reflex that stops water from entering the lungs, as they get older they start to lose this reflex and through specialized teaching techniques they learn to regulate their breathing for diving.

Diving depths
Babies less than 12 months, no deeper than 1metre. Babies/infants over 12 months, progression to a maximum of 1.5 metres.

What’s needed in the pool
All babies must wear a double nappy system whilst in swimming lessons. This is the best way to prevent accidents whilst in the pool. We recommend that a swim nappy covered by a nappy cover is used, this fits snuggly around the waist and legs. Costumes/wetsuits can then be worn over the top if required. We do supply all of the above (please contact us for further information) or they can be obtained from all good baby & toddler retailers.